Hello, fellow friends of Tumblr!

    It seems that the kittens have escaped the confines of the house and are now wreaking havoc somewhere outside in the world. A look at the crime scene shows that one of them (probably Flynn or Trigger) managed to chew a hole through a corner of the screen door. The owners have been dispatched to retrieve the kittens, but as you know, cats can be fickle creatures and are highly adept at staying hidden. Not to worry—each and every one of them shall be returned. Be patient, keep an eye out every so often, and wait for a surprise. ;)

    - TK Team


  2. Tangerine Tuesdays Episode 6: HOT SUMMER

    Have a happy summer, everyone! Don’t forget to relax outdoors with a good book like Ellie.


  3. Tangerine Tuesdays Episode 5: IT’S BREAKFAST TIME!

    Do your cats knead you awake when they want food at ungodly hour? Catch up on the previous Tangerine Tuesday Episodes here!


  4. Tangerine Tuesdays Episode 4: LITTER BOX BEHAVIORS

    Flynn: STAND BACK

    Ellie: I only use this corner.

    Circuit: I refuse.

    Trigger: How dare you use my litter box!
    _ _ _ _ _

    Like, reblog, and follow if your kitty or a kitty you know shares similar litter box etiquette! :) If you missed last week’s episode, you can catch up here.

    Happy Tangerine Tuesday!


  5. Tangerine Tuesdays Episode 3: THE HAMPER SNORE FEST

    Olivier: purrrrrr

    Flynn: zzzzzzzZZZzzzz

    Trigger: zzz…master plan…zzzzzpurrrfegmm…blow up…Agent O…zzzzzzz
    Agent O: … >:(


  6. Anonymous said: This is so cute! Have you thought about making a link so that when you click on the tangerines you go to their page instead of scrolling down? :D

    Hi there and thank you! That is an excellent question. :) With our recent update, you can now browse the kittens’ profiles if you click on their icon at the top of the page. Let us know if you have any other questions/suggestions/concerns!

    -TK Team


  7. Tangerine Tuesdays Episode 2: A HAIRY SITUATION

    Olivier: BonjouRRrraGUEERRRFFFFTT!!!!
    Flynn: Hahaha!

    Olivier: Plburrrrrfffftttt!!!
    Flynn: Sorry, I didn’t catch that Oliver.
    Ginger: ……

    Olivier: *hic*…*hic*
    Ginger: Is he dying?
    Flynn: No no, he’s fine.
    Circuit: BURRRPPPFFT!

    Olivier: :(
    Ginger: ……
    Flynn: :)
    Circuit: Burrrppfft!


  8. Anonymous said: Meow.



  9. Tangerine Tuesdays Episode 1: VACUUM TERRORS

    Like, reblog, and follow if your cats are batshit terrified of vacuums too!

    Tune in on Tangerine Tuesdays to see more adventures (or is it mishaps?) this litter of kittens get into!


  10. Anonymous said: Meow.

    Meow! Meow meow?